“Just next weekend I am doing a shoot for a friend’s kids so this was timely and I hope to use some of the techniques I learned today.“
— Kim Turner / Natural Light Portraits / July, 2011
“Instructor is very aware of the class at all times, noticing when we get it and when we don’t, and adding another example when necessary.“
— Kate Lynch / Beginner DSLR / January, 2010
“I’ve traveled a lot, but from now on I’ll have a different attitude and better eye for details!“
— Leticia Campos / Travel Photography / April, 2012
“It was encouraging in knowing and being reminded that if you want to take vulnerable and heartfelt photographs of humans you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable as well.“
— Scott Martinez / Photographing Humans: The Art of Connection / June, 2015
“I walked away with tons of fabulous notes and can’t wait to get home to practice more.“
— Ashley Russell / Beginner DSLR / March, 2011
“Incorporates all the different types of learning: seeing, hearing and doing.“
— anonymous / DSLR Evening Classes / August, 2014
“This (beginner) workshop is exactly what I needed to get the training wheels off! Thank you!“
— Tressa Thomas / Beginner DSLR / April, 2011
“Class went so fast. Well done!“
— Sonya / DSLR Evening Classes / July, 2010
“Very thorough without being overwhelming for a complete beginner like myself. I loved the different analogies and other techniques used to explain the inner workings of cameras.“
— Mike Southall / DSLR Evening Classes / March, 2015

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You don’t have to travel abroad to make great pictures. Explore photojournalistic story telling in your own life.
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    Dallas Center for Photography DSLR Video Workshop
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    Dallas Center for Photography Swap Meet 2015
    DCP and Don's Camera are joining forces to give you a chance to buy, sell or swap photo gear of all kinds!
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    We'll spend the morning shooting together on location, then back in the studio in the afternoon to hone your Lightroom skills.
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