“Good mix of shooting, technique, theory and post processing. Great value for what we received.“
— Robert Sherman / light painting at night with Noel Kerns / May, 2014
“You quickly assessed my needs and then went over my camera functions with me, going into more detail where I needed additional instruction. Your passion for your work shines through and it is contagious!“
— LeAnn Nabors (CPA and camera enthusiast) / Individual Tutoring / March, 2011
“Nice class environment and atmosphere—very comfortable and inviting.“
— Allison Loftus / DSLR Evening Classes / November, 2013
“I really liked the location of the workshop. Being in a studio and around all the equipment gets me excited and motivated.“
— Beth Curry / Intermediate DSLR / August, 2014
“I took a course online, read a few books, and learned half of what I learned here.“
— Joseph Guerrero / DSLR Evening Classes / September, 2013
“Very "newbie" friendly, well organized and motivational to start using the software and take more photos.“
— Greg Williams / Lightroom Evening Classes / July, 2014
“Incorporates all the different types of learning: seeing, hearing and doing.“
— anonymous / DSLR Evening Classes / August, 2014
“I liked the voice of experience and the photo examples. You can never find that in a book.“
— Peter Stawicki / DSLR Evening Classes / March, 2011
“I’ve only done on-line, books until now possibly out of fear…?But I realize how much more I can get now from a LIVE workshop.“
— Erika / Beginner DSLR / July, 2013

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Dallas Center for Photography Summer Photo Camp-01
Photography unplugged! In a week of low-tech photo fun you’ll build a camera, shoot film and find out how photos were made before digital.
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  • Mon. Jun 15, 2015
  • Open for Registration
    Dallas Center for Photography Summer Video Camp-01
    Learn the basics of movie making! Five days of hands-on production, shooting and editing of your own individual mini-movie and a larger group project.
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  • Mon. Jun 22, 2015
  • Open for Registration
    Don't let your kids have all the fun! This is photography unplugged when you get to play and be creative with the basics of making physical images.
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  • Sun. Jul 12, 2015
  • Class series
    All Levels
    Open for Registration
    How do you approach someone, connect with them and take their picture, whether it’s family, friend, client or a stranger you’ve just met?
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  • Sat. Jun 13, 2015
  • 2-day workshop
    All Levels