“Very informative workshop! Instructor is patient and speaks to everyone's level of understanding.“
— Laura Withers / Beginner DSLR / November, 2013
“The class really brought things into terms I understood. I really appreciated that. I feel like I kind of know what I’m doing now.“
— Victoria / Beginner DSLR / March, 2011
“I liked the voice of experience and the photo examples. You can never find that in a book.“
— Peter Stawicki / DSLR Evening Classes / March, 2011
“Loved all of the analogies - really helped me to visualize in my head what is going on in my camera.“
— Sarah Momary / DSLR Evening Classes / January, 2014
“I was surprised that using my new camera was a lot easier than I thought—that all the numbers and buttons all have a function that I could easily navigate.“
— Gabrielle (age 13) / Beginner DSLR / June, 2012
“Teacher speaks like he enjoys shooting pictures and explains the concepts on a level that a beginner can easily understand.“
— Cheryl Angadicheril / DSLR Evening Classes / May, 2010
“Peter was right there armed with tips and advice. I very much appreciated his help and input.“
— Bethany Shanahan / Lightroom Shoot & Edit / April, 2012
“Lovely class. Extremely well presented and Peter was absolutely current and informed.“
— Steve McWilliams / Lightroom Evening Classes / July, 2014
“Hands on shooting and real-time instruction was invaluable. It’s easier to learn when someone can walk you through your difficulties.“
— Cindy Shughrue / Natural Light Portraits / December, 2011

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You don’t have to travel abroad to make great pictures. Explore photojournalistic story telling in your own life.
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    A complete introduction to DSLR photography in four evening classes. Available for purchase as individual classes or as a bundled series.
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    Learn the full range of Lightroom tools to keep you organized, improve your photos and help you show off your work. Purchase individually or as a bundled series.
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    An intensive overview of video production from cameras & lenses to support, movement, lighting, sound and editing.
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