“Peter sets the bar for photographic instruction in the Dallas metroplex. I have taken similar classes with other companies and Peter's are always more informative, instructional and interactive than the others.“
— Sumit Kar / Intermediate DSLR / March, 2015
“I liked the pace of the class and that I could ask questions (and felt comfortable doing so).“
— Jo Mattison / Beginner DSLR / August, 2013
“I wish I had this knowledge when I took my trip to Alaska last summer. I now know what I did wrong!“
— Neal Cerpanya / Beginner DSLR / January, 2015
“I felt as though I got my money's worth in the first two hours.“
— Holly Lynch / Beginner DSLR / April, 2015
“Your class was AWESOME. I've learned more today than what online reading or videos could teach. Thank you.“
— Patrick Lopez / Beginner DSLR / April, 2014
“I’ve taken another beginner DSLR class and this was far superior.“
— Alyson Brown / Beginner DSLR / December, 2011
“You are very good at putting things in layman’s terms and giving analogies that help me understand.“
— Michelle Meledeo / Lightroom Evening Classes / June, 2013
“I am here to roll my sleeves up and learn how to operate my DSLR to capture good photographs. This course does that.“
— Chris Manning / Intermediate DSLR / August, 2014
“Enjoyed the easy going manner, excellent facility and very helpful tips.“
— Tracey Allard / Beginner DSLR / May, 2014

Featured Classes

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Dallas Center for Photography, Patrizia Montanari tn
Learn how to use your basic DSLR skills to create beautiful and stylish natural light portraits on location.
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  • Sun. Mar 6, 2016
  • Full-day workshop
    All Levels
    Open for Registration
    studio lighting - dallas center for photography
    A thorough, hands-on exploration of the techniques and tools of studio lighting for shooting everything from people to product.
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  • Sat. Feb 20, 2016
  • 2-day workshop
    Advanced • Intermediate
    Open for Registration
    Join us for a series of photography lectures brought to you by DCP and Texas Photographic Society.
    Loli Kantor and Frank Lopez
  • Wed. Mar 16, 2016
  • Special Event
    All Levels
    Dallas Center for Photography Swap Meet 2015
    DCP and Don's Camera are joining forces to give you a chance to buy, sell or swap photo gear of all kinds!
    The swap meet returns March 12
    Special Event
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